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Welcome to our Donation Page!

Donations are completely optional!!
Please only Donate if you want to Support this Project!

We accept: PayPal - PSC - Items

Thanks for every Support!
Scroll down for more Infos & FAQ

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Q: How can i donate?
A: Please contact .why over our official Discord!

Q: Why i should donate?
A: To help us keeping Survival-World Online

Q: What i get exactly for a Donation?
A: You get: 1x Spawnkit, 1x Dailykit, 1x Woodkit, 1x Clothkit, 1x Chattag, 1x Discord-rank

Q: Whats the Price to unlock VIP-Ranks?
A: Look at the Pictures above. In the right bottom corner you see the amount

Q: Can i donate 7.77$? Or im forced to use the price on the Pictures?
A: You can donate every amount. The VIP-Ranks are just rewards. If you donate 7.77$ you get the nearest VIP below (Bronze)

Q: I donate 11.99$ and i get Silver VIP, correct??
A: Yes. as a reward for your Donation.

Q: How long im VIP after a Donation?
A: You will get the VIP-Access for 30 days on all Servers!

Q: On all Servers?..
A: Yes - we dont lock your VIP-status in one Server. You will get VIP on every survival-world rust server!

Q: And after this 30 days? It is possible to donate again?
A: Yes. If you want you can after 30days donate again to keep your VIP-Status 30 days

Q: How long it takes to activate my VIP?
A: Instant! After an successfully Donation.

Q: Can i get a refund.. for example i got banned?
A: We are not refunding Donations. But we can talk above your Ban

Q: What are the Cooldowns for VIP Kits?
A: All Spawnkits have a cooldown of 5 minutes
A2: All /kits have a cooldown of 24 hours
A3: Clothkit has a cooldown of 2 hours

Q: Can i also Donate for Items?
A: No! We will provide a system without pay-to-win

Q: I have more questions..
A: No Problem! Contact us. We will answer all your questions.

Discord: .why#9769 | Steam: .why