Server Rules

1.) Hacking is NOT allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.

We are only ban permanently! All Bans are server-crossing. Some Complaints about a ban? Please contact ".why" over discord

2.) Be friendly and avoid be a toxic player. Its okay to be sometimes angry but please dont start ruin gameplay for other players

3.) You got a Problem? Write our *Administrators* on Discord. We will try to help you!

4.) Respect every Player from every Country! Fairplay is great - no racism is greater.

5.) Max! Solo/Duo (for Solo/Duo Server) - Max! Trio (for Solo/Duo/Trio Server) Teammates with a higher Team will getting banned.

6.) Admins are not allowed to give Items! This Server/s will be clean without any abuse!

7.) Massively Door-Camping is not allowed.

8.) "Lock" someone in his own house with traps/buildings is not allowed.

9.) Bugusing or extremely bad-ass playing (terror players non-stop until they leave etc.) is not allowed.

10.) Have Fun and enjoy the game/s that's why we play!